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Yep, sry this journal is friends-locked now :D

Yooo~, everyone ! :3
In the internet I'm known as Shi and i'm chinese, who loves the asian entertainment world <3 I'm seventeen years old and i grew up in Germany. Music is my life I play the piano and mostly, I listen to
j-pop [ JE ]& k-pop [ Big bang ] and a little c-pop [ Fahrenheit] :D Also, i'm interested everything related to art, design & photography. In my free time i love drawing mangas/animes & making graphics.

I decided to post my graphics not in my journal anymore. From now on, they will be at glacious  :D So, if you're interested or wanna see more of my works join here please ! ^v^

i'm always open for making new friends :3 it would be nice if we share the same interests ^___^ but i don't like random adds >_>; so if you wanna friend me pls read this first !
otherwise i won't accept your request ! 

and just to warn you :
my journal full of graphics made by me ^_^
 fanarts, scribbles & photography
personal rants & my life~

I'll add you back if you ...

comment here and tell me something about yourself :3
(name, nationality, interests etc.)
you have something on your page
( i won't friend you back, if your  journal is empty)
you tell me why you want to add me 
(ok, this is actually not sooo~ necessary)

If there's something that you still wanna know, feel free to ask me ^3^
Yoroshiku ne~

-`♥´- Hope we can be good friends -^0^- -`♥´-
Shinee &lt;3

Dear, penfriend ♥

I swear, i looked like a zombi this morning. Lately, i haven't been sleeping well, because my damn throat hurts so much, so that it feels like i'm gonna die at night and i'm not exaggerating ! =_= i feel kinda sick now, which is really crazy 'cause lately it has been really sunny here in germany.

Yesterday, i went to the post office to send the first letter to my penfriend :D she's from Hong Kong and we knew each other from YouTube because of HSJ !! XD For real, i was surfing on YT and ended up at her profile. I talked to her 'cause i thought it was interesting to know someone who speaks the same mother language as me and has the same interests ! We even have on the same day birthday !! :D First, we only chatted in msn but then we decided to write letters, since we always wanted to have a penfriend. ^0^ Hehe, i really like her ^-^ she seems to be an adorable person from the way she chats with me. xD Hehe, I even draw her something :D
have a look~

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haha, yeah YAMAJIMA appears in the letter, too, since it's her favourite OTP :D (yuto doesn't look like yuto) and yeah, as you can see i decided to send her the yamada bday fanart as well.

THAT DAMN SCANNER, I HATE YOU ! Q_Q Why does it look like that?? D: it has cocked my drawing up ... *sigh* as you can see i have only used crayons and pencil in this one. 

Btw, my lil brother had an appearance in an incredible big hall in cologne on thursday. :D He played with his group song from different countries and i was kinda impressed. xD I will make an entry about it soon ... i've taken some photos and you will see how awesome the hall looked ^__^

ok i'm gonna continue making the header for the new graphic community, which[info]turtlepark has created ^0^ if you like my graphics and wanna see more from other graphic makers you have to join glacious  :3


Shinee &lt;3

-`♥`- Happy birthday yama-chan -`♥´-

Congratulations ! You finally reached my age ! xD You're amazing for managing to have fangirls who are older (included me |D) I would never expect, that someday i would become a fangirl of someone younger ! Nobody can resist your hotness, sexiness, cuteness and dorkness. :D So, please continue making us happy, laughing, smiling, fainting and of course flailing over you ! I'm sure, you will be an even more famous and great artist in the future, since you are such a hard-working person ! :3 Keep it up !
I'll always support you ! ^0^


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I hope you'll like them ^__^ hehe, i used a new technique this time XD maybe i have improved a bit? Oh and i have to say sorry for my lateness >_< i was so busy today D:
Shinee &lt;3

happy icons & friends only banners ^v^ ♥

finally graphics again ! :D Some of them are kinda old, but who cares ! And pls forgive me for making too much yamada icons >_<;
oh, and this is the first time i've made FO banners. Hope you'll like them :3



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btw, the ancafe concert was amazing !!! I'll make a post about it next time as soon as possible ^_^; i just need more time because of photos etc. 

i'm off~
have a nice day ! ^3^

Shinee &lt;3

omg, omg OMG !!!! Only one day left °___°

kyaaaaa~ only one day left !!! *_* finally !!! TOMORROW !!!! ANCAFE CONCERT !!!! *O* i'm sooo~ excited XD this will be my first concert even from a japanese band ! omg, omg i still can't belive it ! I'm going to see them ! I'M GOING TO SEE TAKUYA **_**

But i I WON'T FORGIVE YOU, what you have done with your hair !!! Dx

    <- you can't see his pretty face anymore ;O; whyyy takuya >o<;

The other day i went shopping with a friend who is going to come with me to the concert :D i bought 2 albums of them, a legging & a new jacket. I was so happy. ♫~
i will post them next time :D 
Ok, that's it. i'm going to stay over my friend the weekend ! She'll come soon and I still haven't managed my baggage, that's why i'll end here !

oh, and sry for spamming you with such a non-je-post f-list >___<
it's just one of my highlights in my life, so i really needed to write this ^_^;

byee~ hope you'll have a nice weekend as well :33
i'm going to go to heaven. ♫~

Shinee &lt;3

new face & handwriting meme~

yoo~ my journal has a new face, yeeey~ :D i love these colors. ♥ and yeah, somehow i put too much brushes on the header ^_^; but the main thing is that yamada and yabu are on it *_* <33 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PHOTOSHOOT *o*

aaaaaaand i got tagged by shinyasama to do this handwriting meme :3 i think most of you had already done this one ^-^; oh, and it's my first time doing a meme ! XD;

Rules to the game:
1. Write your LJ username
2. Write your two favorite bands/groups at the moment
3. Write either I ♥ k-pop ; I ♥ j-pop ; I ♥ c-pop
4. Write the name of your favorite person of all time
5. Write down your recently favored person
6. Tag 5 people to do this meme.'

so, here we gooo~

i was so bored that i've scrabbled random stuffs on it xD; gomen neee~

i'm tagging dreamshere ♥ kekemy ♥ ilove_yamapi ♥ hsj_jumpstart ♥ emika_chan :D

that's it, need to go off~
oyasumiii~ ^3^/

Shinee &lt;3

how the story began ... ♥

Haha, he turns 23 on 23th February xD funny ! But 23 is still young, ne~ i made 20x icons as birthday present. :D hehe, i still can remember when i saw him the first time in the dorama gokusen2 *_* i was like :"goooooosh, what a hot guy !" O_O I mean Jin was hot too, but i liked Kame more, because of his cool role as Ryu Odagiri XD This was the beginning of my obsession with JE. ♥

Then, later i got into Hey!say!JUMP ! :D i saw Yuto first of all members in the dorama (yeah, again XD) Nobuta Wo Produce ! Kame played the leading part, who was Yutos big brother <3 Unfortunately, i am more interested in HSJ than KAT-TUN, right now ^-^; but i still love them & their music. ♥ and i'm still watching Cartoon KAT-TUN. xD So, thanks to gokusen2 i am a KT & HSJ fangirly now, tehe. |D

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Uhm I need to change my Layout >__< sry Kame, i'm going to make a hsj header. x3 btw, finally i got around to update my userinfo :D HAVE A LOOK ! as you can see i've managed to come in second in JE_Battle ! >w< Yattaaa~ it was my first time that i participated in a contest !
Ok, i'll end here ... i'm not feeling well ... (sore throat -_-;) oyasumiiii~ nasai ! ^_^
Shinee &lt;3

too hiarious !

Mh ... it's been a while since i've posted an entry, ne ^^; it's because of school and i can't always use the computer >_< damn i want my own one !! Dx Even so i should write more, though. v_v;

Today we got our school certificate (mine was ok, but JUST ok ~_~), that's why we could leave after 3 lessons yet. :D I just wanted to metion, won't go on details, because every country has another schoolsystem and it's kinda complicated to compare them ^-^;
But somehow i think i improved my english a lot since i've joined LJ. x3 No wonder, i read english texts about my fandom everyday ... xD <3 but i also read scanlations ! Speaking of mangas, currently i'm reading Lovely Complex ! If you like romance & comedy you have to read it ! It's too hilarious xDD i watched the anime as well and i have to say, that i've never laughed so hard while watching an anime before ! Even my little brother think it's funny. (yeah, i could persuade him to watch it, don't ask me why xD) The story is about a tall girl, who fall for a short guy. :D And i even can't complain about the drawing. <3 For me, it's difficult to find a manga with a good story AND good drawing ! Lovely Complex is too funny !
I love their crazy grimaces XD

Like these :

You won't get bored ... really, i promise you xDD.


The theme song were sang by Tegomass & Hey!Say!7. <33 I didn't know Tegomass before, but now i started to like them and i enjoy listening to their songs, especially the ending Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love. :D 

Uhm ...  i wanna change my layout ... and my profile is still underconstruction xD i need much time, because whenever i make graphics it has to perfect. >_< But at the moment it's more important to finish the layout for the HSJ german community of shinyasama and me. ^_^

Oh and a 2nd batch of icons are coming soooooon. :3
That's it :D have to eat dinner now. ^-^;

byeeee~ <3